Professional Teeth Whitening Kit For Home

Professional Teeth Whitening Kit For Home

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We know you have a beautiful smile that you have been waiting to show off.

It has never been easier to get the Hollywood celebrity smile you’ve always wanted. Save hundreds of dollars in dentist bills and get a dazzlingly bright smile in the comfort of your own home with our Professional teeth whitening kit.

Follow these steps for your Hollywood SMILE

Step 1: Heat the mouth tray under warm water for about 10 seconds till it is soft. Put the mouth tray over your teeth and use your fingers to gently try and mold to the shape of your teeth. 

Step 2: 
Compare your teeth to the teeth shade guide.

Step 3: 
Apply a thin layer of whitening gel to both mouth trays and spread evenly (0.25 to 0.4ml for each tray is enough, anymore is just wasted).

Step 4: 
Insert mouth trays in your mouth and set the trays firmly against the teeth.

Step 5:
Insert the tray for 7-10 minutes and then rinse with water.

Step 6: 
Repeat this complete treatment 2 times and make sure you rinse & dry the tray between sessions.

Step 7: Compare teeth color after 3 days and you should start seeing a significant difference.


Package included:

  • 10 X Whitening Gel Tubes (3ml per) Not Only 3 like our Competitors
  • 2 X Latest design thermoform single arch trays
  • 1 X LED whitening lamp
  • 1 X Professional 3D Teeth Shade Guide


Put us to the test! Use our Professional Teeth Whitening System for 14 days, risk-free. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied, Just drop us a line at to take advantage of our FULL refund - 14 Day Money-Back Guarantee.



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