Express Bright White Pen

Express Bright White Pen

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Looking for that perfect Smile? Our Express Bright White Pen offers a convenient and easy to use, no mess, no fuss way to achieve or maintain a Hollywood smile.  These teeth whitening pens contain our world famous, hugely popular 10% carbamide peroxide whitening formula in an easy to use applicator pen.

Simply paint the whitening formula onto your teeth, leave it for 10 minutes and you’ll have a beautiful White smile. It’s quick and easy to use with no need for whitening trays. The slimline design also makes it perfect for travel, allowing you to whiten when and where you like.


Direction for use:

1. Brush teeth and floss.

2. Twist pen to dispense gel.

3. Smile wide, keeping lips away from teeth.

4. Apply a thin layer of gel to teeth.

5. Relax lips after 30 seconds.

6. Keep on Teeth for 20 - 30 mins.

7. Rinse after 20 - 30 mins

8. Smile with confidence 


For cosmetic use only. Do not swallow. Avoid contact with eyes. Store in a cool, shaded place out of the reach of children.

Temporary tooth sensitivity may occur, but discontinue use upon sustained discomfort or irritation.


Package Included:

1 x Tooth whitening pen 


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